Marine biology: Index

This is a collection of essays or texts in English about ecology and about species that live in the coral reef, including illustrations and underwater photos of the animals.

Deutsche Startseite für Meeresbiologie

1. Ecology

The ocean

The blue planet - Characteristics of water - Ocean currents - Zoogeographic regions - Vertical zones

Coral reefs

Reef formation - Coral reefs on earth - Types of reefs - Reef morphology


Conservation of our marine ecosystems - Biodiversity hotspots - Coral disease

2. Marine animals

Photo collections with thumbnail images - over 4000 photos!

Marine Plants - Forams - Sponges - Cnidarians - Worms - Crustaceans - Molluscs - Bryozoans - Echinoderms - Chordates (Ascidians) - Vertebrates (Fishes, Reptiles, Mammals etc.)

Texts with illustrations and photos about the following marine animals

Fishes: starting page for several pages about coral reef fishes and sharks

Reptiles: sea snakes and marine turtles

Echinoderms: Basket star, Brittle star, Feather star, Holothurians (sea cucumber), Sea urchin, Starfish

Nudibranchs and sea slugs: Large list of sea slug species with links to photos

I need a lot of time to write these pages and I am still adding to them! Please be patient.

. Copyright Teresa Zubi